Best 3 Months of Life:

What if you were told that you only had three months to live?  Would knowing that your time is limited cause you to live your life differently than how you are living it today?  The reality is that we are all on limited time.  We will all die and none of us knows when.  So why do we stay in toxic relationships or jobs with the precious limited life that we have?  Why do we keep putting off that dream vacation?  Why do we only have big family gatherings at weddings or funerals?

While training to become an End of Life Sacred Passage Death Doula with the Conscious Dying Institute Padma Wine learned a tool called The Best 3 Months of Life.  It is usually used with terminally ill or elderly people approaching their end of life transition.  What we do is look at 5 aspects of life: Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Practical.  We explore where the person feels they are today and where they wish to be in three months.  Next we create real action plans based on current circumstances to support positive changes in the areas that the individual wishes to make changes or tune up.

Again, we are all facing death.  Some of us are just doing it more consciously than others.  Let’s face it, talking about sex doesn’t make a person pregnant, and talking about death doesn’t make a person dead.  The value in using the Best 3 Months of Life planning is that one begins to live life more fully and passionately.   Let’s live life more than we did just a day before, every day.

This is a three-hour workshop.  Wear comfortable clothes and warm socks.  Bring a water bottle, notebook and pen. Plan to be sitting on the floor with floor cushions and no shoes are allowed in the space.

The exchange for this workshop is $50.

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Breathe and Let Go!

This is a powerful opportunity to deeply release biochemically held challenging emotions.  When we read about the rain forest burning or the whales being hunted and killed again, we feel something inside.  When we listen to the news and hear about all kinds of atrocities happening all around us we feel something.  When we are faced with the death or sudden chronic illness of our loved one, we feel something.  When we realize we are not living the life we imagined we could as a child, we feel something.  All of this feeling is chemically produced in our brain.  When we can’t sort it out, or feel that we don’t have the power to change it, it gets stored in our body for another “safe” time to “deal” with it. We put it in a “box” in our body somewhere to be dealt with at another time.  When that time never comes, we experience imbalance physically, psychologically, emotionally or spiritually, or all at once.

The Breathe and Let Go session is the perfect opportunity to open those boxes.  Let the contents rise up and release it!  This is a powerful session!  You will be asked to do a lot of deep and fast powerful breathing.  You will be either sitting on the floor or lying down while doing these techniques.  You will be guided by powerful music, the voice of your instructor and deep primal callings to release.

If you have any physical or mental health issues that you feel concerned about, please call before committing to the class on line, for more information.  Also, let your Guide and Guardian know before the class begins.  Where comfortable cloths and socks.  No shoes are allowed in the space.  You may also want to bring a water bottle.  We offer water and tea at the studio but ask that you bring a reusable bottle or cup if you can to reduce waist.

The exchange for this session is $20.

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