Meet Padma Wine

Hello my name is Padma Wine. We all have a personal story that puts us on one particular path or another in life. My journey started after I had a major illness at age 17 and had to heal my body. I became a personal trainer and soon after completed my 500 hour master Yoga training.

Teaching yoga for many years led me to practicing many different forms of meditation and eventually teaching them as well. At a young age I had also experienced the loss of my Mother and over the years I’ve had cousins, uncles and grandparents pass as well. I felt a longing to look deeper into the mystery of life and death. I’ve traveled the world from the jungles of Peru to the deserts of Egypt seeking insights, looking into ancient practices and working with shamans/healers.

I’ve completed my Sacred Passage End of Life Doula training through the Conscious Dying Institute in order to have the tools to support people and their families during their end of life transition. What I didn’t realize was that I would also learn tools that would make life feel much more vibrant, sacred and vital. After that I traveled to Spain to learn Shamanic Trance Dance and to become a Guide and Guardian. I learned from shamanic practitioner Zelia Pye. Her website is This training changed everything for me.

I realized how much our body has to offer us in the way of helping us to find answers to so many questions about this life. Also, given the authority, our body knows how to heal itself. This dance is living medicine. I felt deeply in my heart the call to bring this very healing and sacred modality back to the people. It doesn’t matter what your gender, race, nationality or family back round is, chances are your ancient ancestors danced. They danced for healing, to feel connection, to understand the world they lived in and to remember who they were in relation to the Great Mystery. Therefore, I invite you to come and experience this sacred and powerful dance.

I am the first person in the United States to be trained as a Guide and Guardian of Shamanic Trance Dance but more are hearing the call. Who knows maybe you will be the next person to be called to the training and you will be showing others the power of this dance! I hope so!

- Padma Wine


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