Shamanic Trance Dance

Shamanic Trance Dance is one of the most powerful tools we will be sharing with you. We provide a safe and sacred space for you to experience this modality.

The dance is done to natural and world rhythms while blind folded. A specific breathing technique will be given before the dance begins. This technique, along with a focused intention, the blindfold, the dancing and a few little magic Shamanic secrets will all work together to create the trance. The trance is the altered state of consciousness that will allow the practitioner to receive guidance and healing. Please visit the official website to learn more about the history and power of the dance at

NO SHOES ARE ALLOWED IN THE DANCE SPACE. Plan to go barefoot or bring socks. Blindfolds will be provided but you are free to bring your own. Dress comfortably to allow movement. Try to come on a light stomach. This class starts on time. You will be given a 10-minute grace period if running late, after that doors will be locked. Allow for a full 90-minute class. Space is limited! It is highly recommended that you reserve in advance!

The exchange for this session is $14.

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Drumming Therapy

“The Drum is the Great Spirit’s favorite instrument. That’s why we were all given a heartbeat.” – Mano, Navajo Elder

Current scientific studies are verifying what our ancient ancestors and healers today have been witnessing within themselves and others with Drum Therapy.


  • Reduces Tension, Anxiety, and Stress
  • Helps Control Chronic Pain
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Produces Deeper Self-Awareness by Inducing Synchronous Brain Activity
  • Accesses the Entire Brain
  • Induces Natural Altered States of Consciousness
  • Creates a Sense of Connectedness with Self and Others
  • Provides a Secular Approach to Accessing a Higher Power
  • Releases Negative Feelings, Blockages, and Emotional Trauma
  • Places One in the Present Moment
  • Provides a Medium for Individual Self-Realization

Come to our drumming class and experience the healing!  If you have a drum feel free to bring it but it is not necessary to participate.  This class runs from 30 to 45 minutes. 

The exchange for this class is $9.

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Guided Meditation

In a guided meditation participants will meditate in response to the guidance provided by the practitioner.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those new to meditation.  You will be given techniques to help you calm and direct your mind.

Allow one hour for this class.  Wear comfortable clothing.  No shoes are allowed in the space so please bring socks or be willing to go bare foot.  We have some pillows you can use to sit on and a few chairs for people who are unable to comfortably get up and down from the floor.

The exchange for this session is $10.

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Silent Meditation

This is a free offering to the community!  We will open the space and provide soft music and gentle lighting.  During the designated hour participants may come, sit, and meditate in this beautiful and sacredly held space.  Come for the entire hour or stop in for a quick 20 minutes to recharge and realign.  Its up to you!  Please come with an agreement to maintain Sacred Silence as you enter and leave so as not to disturb others in their process.  As always, no shoes are allowed in the space so please bring socks if you wish to have covered feet.

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Come, move, open and stretch your body, mind, and heart in our incredible space.  Classes are one hour and are suited for all levels. We provide yoga teacher training certified instructors with experience, music, water, tea and an amazing space to be in! That said, we are not a typical yoga studio, we do not provide yoga mats or equipment.  Please bring your own mat and any equipment, such as blocks and straps, with you to class. 

The exchange for this class is $10.

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